“Power to Love” (Gordon Cosby)

Agape love is the power to love the unlovable. It is the power to love people we do not like. Jesus commands us to love our enemies in order to be like God. We are not told to love in order to win our enemies or to get results, but that we may be children of God, who sends the rain on the just and the unjust, who looks after both the good and the evil.

The predominant characteristic of this agape love is that, no matter what a person is like, God seeks nothing but his or her highest good.

Source: Unknown


God is an Apostrophe…

Imperfection.  Impossible.

I’m perfection.  I’m possible.

God is an apostrophe.  God is the divine punctuation to any hopelessness that arises within me.  God takes my imperfections and makes them his perfections; God takes the impossibilities and turns them into divine possibilities.

An old friend of mine used to say all the time, “argue for your limitations and you’ll get them every time!”  But God allows me to argue for the possibilities and embrace the imperfections.  For with God all things are possible – mountains move, hearts change, doors open when seemingly locked shut, light shines in darkness and a bruised or broken reed can stand against the wind and find healing.  With God, I am reminded that the imperfections are the main way he comes to me and through me.

Oh yes, blessed are the cracked for it is we who let the light of God in…

Meandered wanderings become a sacred journey, undertaken with God as we move towards God as our punctuation changes: the Word changes the words and changes lives.

God moves my heart with holy comma’s and love, pure and unadulterated, and so that his love makes the hollow places, holy places.  

And these holy places – where God is known and made known – is the place where we discover each other in love.

Musings on Prayer…

Here is a simple truth: prayer works.  And it works always (all ways).

Here is why I make that statement from what I am learning daily about the truth of prayer: either prayer works on me changing me and my responses; or prayer works in me transforming my heart and my perspective; or prayer works on the events and circumstances for which I am praying altering them.  But the bottom line about prayer working is that prayer always, always, moves me closer to God and to those around me.

Prayer can turn burdens into blessings; obstacles into opportunities.

Prayer can heal my heart and the heart of another.

Prayer is the name of the constant, ongoing conversation I am having with God.

Prayer opens my eyes to see the holiness of all creation.

Prayer moves my heart from resentment to gratitude.

Prayer leads me to embrace the truth that all that happens to me and within me is the will of a loving God.

Prayers helps me see and taste God in the mundane and the profane; the profound and the cursory.

Prayer can move mountains, open doors, lead to the miraculous, soften the hardness, and turn wrestling into nestling.

But for me, today, above all, prayer is the language of love I use to speak to my Holy Beloved.

From “I” Sight to Eyesight

Looking at the world through the eyes of the heart is the way for me to experience and grow closer to God.

The soul sees the world through the eyes of God…through the heart, through passion, through pain, through joy and love.  But my mind, well, my mind is like a dam to the flow of my soul, blocking up the inward and outward flow towards God, life, and you.

Looking at the world through the eyes of my mind makes for good “I” sightI see only what I want to see as I want to see it and in that myopia I lose opportunities to see and share God.

When I look at the world through the eyes of my soul that makes for good eyesight – I see the wonder of God and God’s creation, alive and thriving within me and within you, and all around me.  When I am looking at the world through the soul, I see creation as the wonder and miracle it truly is.  With proper eyesight, I sense God in the crackling hum coming from the fireplace as well as in in the unison of the Serenity Prayer around the circle.

“I” sight leads to shortsightedness.  Eyesight leads to thoughtfulness.

It is by letting go of my ego that I lose my “I” sight and allow God to heal my eyesight, and grow deeper into the knowledge that there but for the grace of God go I.

Ragamuffin Strikes Again…Random & All Over

Some Reminders

  • I am sure God sees me as many different people at one and the same time: beloved, insane, broken and saintly, cracked and whole.
  • Blessed are the cracked for it is we who let in the Light.  Blessed are the fearless for they shall see God.
  • In the journey towards healing, it is vital that I remember that I live between the Already and the Not Yet.
  • God delights in me, in you, every moment of our days whether we are scared or at our craziest.
  • Lose the need for a DESTINATION and know that CURIOSITY is far better than control.
  • I am learning that the people God has placed around me do not need me to correct or validate their feelings; they need me to LISTEN and to be clear, consistent, loving and compassionate.
  • More and more day by day, I am coming to understand that Grace is like an ever-flowing river and all I need do is come to that river and drink to my fill.  And I need to understand that reality for others as well: Grace is always available to them as well.  My role is to tell them, show them, and if need be walk with them to the banks of this river.  But it is they who must drink from it and I must never block passage to this ever-flowing river.
  • Prayer always ‘works’: either it works on me or in me; it works on my response to circumstances and events;  or it works on the events themselves; but always (all ways) it works by leading me closer to God.

A thought on ‘militant self acceptance’ – it is not about self-improvement but radical self acceptance.  And in the absurdity (Albert Camus reference) of totally embracing every single part of me something miraculous occurs: I discover the real me and thereby grow in self awareness and learn just exactly who the man is that God made.

A Truth: anyone can be used by God as a messenger, anyone.  It is my place to only listen and discern, not to judge the quality of the messenger.

Some secrets to Joy: let go of hatred; let go of worry; practice kindness & forgiveness; live simply; give more; and expect less.

A Prayer: I have been praying a prayer from the German mystic Meister Eckhart: “I pray God to rid me of God [so that God can reveal himself to me in truth].”

Practice Makes Progress: I was a jerk to someone the other day and the truth smacked me in the face: I can either practice being right or I can practice kindness.  A thick head makes for a somewhat painful learning curve for this ragamuffin earthy monk…

On Gratitude: gratitude takes me from being closed to being open, and opening up leads me to see just how blessed I am and how much I have been given so that I can be a blessing to others.  Gratitude leads me away from resentment, arrogance and judgment into a place of forgiveness, acceptance and grace.  The attitude I must have is one of gratitude for in every circumstance, every encounter, and every person lies an opportunity for me to see God and to share God.  Every opposition, taken with gratitude, becomes an opportunity to meet God and give his love away.

“Ask Me” (William Stafford)

Some time when the river is ice ask me
mistakes I have made. Ask me whether
what I have done is my life. Others
have come in their slow way
into my thought, and some have tried to help
or to hurt: ask me what difference
their strongest love or hate has made.

I will listen to what you say.

Source: The Language of Life edited by Bill Moyers