5 ways to spend yourself poorly – written by Seth Silvers

Great article written by someone deeply in love with God.

One Mountain at a Time

I came across a particular article yesterday evening that felt like confirmation from God on 3 different changes I had started this March. The original article is found at -> The Heartwork Blog, written by Seth Silvers.  When I made it to obstacle number 4- spending yourself later, I looked around my apartment- and realized God was speaking to me. First change: for the past 4 weeks, I have been selling pretty much everything I own. I still am. I am condensing measurably. I want to live minimally with less, and more with God. (I’m also saving and putting lot’s of lettuce in my bank for a big move). My second change was after completing half of my MA program on campus, I switched to finish the rest of my program online last week in order to pursue my third change which is applying to ‘dream’ jobs in…

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