about this blog

Things are changing.  The name for one…I changed the name from earthy monk to “A Wild Monk…muses on soulfulness, sobriety & God.”

Wild: not tamed or domesticated.

Monk: one of the earliest definitions comes from the word for “alone” or solitary.  It implies one who under ‘religious’ vows.  I am under NO religious vows.  I am a layman, but I do live my life under the personal vows of simplicity, charityprayer and service.  I do these as a Jesus follower; as a recovering alcoholic.  I am wild in that there is truly no Order that would have me, except maybe the Tribe known as Alcoholics & Addicts.

The purpose and mission of Wild Monk remains the same: to help people grow spiritually.  

This simple mission grows out of my own passion and mission for being and walking with people, feeding and encouraging their experience of God and his grace.

Wild Monk will still be a space for musing on God, grace, recovery, addiction, love, healing, pain, shadows, light, beauty, creativity, hope, compassion and Jesus.  It is also a space for musing about things we’d sometimes rather not talk about like doubt, addictions, depression, speaking truth to power, challenging apathy, affluence, arrogance and the ‘rudeness of rightness’.

I am not new to the blogsphere nor am I a particularly popular blog.  I’ve been doing this since 2009.  I blog simply because I want people to know how deeply loved and desired they are by God (and to stretch and grow that love as well).

So, please feel free to help build this community, be a part of it, communicate, etc., and fee free to send me any comments, concerns, criticisms, thoughts, ideas or resources through the Connect link.

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing,



One thought on “about this blog

  1. Here’s Nana! Of course I checked out your new blog name and the introductory site, etc. Looks good. Go, man! You are loved by Abba and by me, always and unconditionally. Give me a personal update when you get a chance so I know what to pray for you.

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