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More Change.  Change or Die I am told, so once again, as I am morphing and growing spiritually, so too does the blog.  Another name change…Earthy Monk to Wild Monk to now WILD MERCY.

Wild: not tamed or domesticated.

Mercy: to show compassion, to have pity or benevolence; compassionate or kindly forbearance and forgiveness shown toward an offender, an enemy, or another person.  An act of kindness, compassion, or something that gives evidence of divine favor; Blessing.

The name change reflects two things happening: one the blog is less about me (the monk) and more about God (and God’s wild mercy).  It is a spiritual evolution…almost as if I am growing up and maturing (whoa, don’t go overboard here).  I turned 50 years old in November 2017 and my life is changing so much inwardly that I wanted the name, the very essence of my writing to reflect that.

The purpose and mission of the blog, WILD MERCY, will remain the same: to help people grow spiritually by promoting God’s wild mercy to and fro, lavishing it abundantly everywhere.

WILD MERCY will still be a space for musing on God, grace, recovery, addiction, love, healing, pain, shadows, light, beauty, creativity, hope, compassion and Jesus.  It is also a space for musing about things we’d sometimes rather not talk about like doubt, addictions, depression, speaking truth to power, challenging apathy, affluence, arrogance and the ‘rudeness of rightness’.

I have been blogging since 2009, coming up on a decade of it, and I want my words to reflect the changes that are occurring inwardly as well as outwardly.

So, please feel free to help build this community, be a part of it, communicate, etc., and please feel free to send me any comments, concerns, criticisms, thoughts, ideas or resources directly to nilcom@gmail.comYou can even call or text me @540.313.2204

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing,



One thought on “about this blog

  1. Here’s Nana! Of course I checked out your new blog name and the introductory site, etc. Looks good. Go, man! You are loved by Abba and by me, always and unconditionally. Give me a personal update when you get a chance so I know what to pray for you.

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